Meet our Social Media Manger

Meet Kenneth Cunningham, our Social Media Manger. He enjoys working with our team to create great content to share to our existing customers and catch the attention of potential new customers through social media posts. In doing this, we are able to promote projects we are working on and the customers we are working with.

Meet our Project Manager

Meet Jeremy Stone, he is a Project Manager at Kodiak Fire Protection. He takes pride in handling anything that comes up on the job site. His goal is always to succeed in meeting timelines and ensure that our customers are satisfied. He is a family man who works hard to provide for his family, and … Read more

Meet our Service Manager

Meet our Service Manager Jade Stone. She makes sure things run smoothly with our projects during the entire process. Thank you for treating every project with the diligence it deserves to have the outcome that our clients are looking for. Thank you Jade, we don’t know what we would do without you being a part … Read more


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